Our Celebrity “Multifamily” Office serves the specific needs of our clients, both financially and personally, providing access to various resources and strategic partners that focus on their overall lifestyle and wealth development. The demands of our unique clientele enables us to provide the highest level of hands on personal service by a trusted team of professionals whenever and wherever you need them: from financial advisory and investment management, tax planning, estate and trust services to intellectual property protection, royalty reviews and concierge services.

We see our clients, their demanding lifestyle and the way they should invest from a unique perspective. At FS Wealth Sports & Entertainment, our multifamily office environment affords the most comprehensive form of wealth advisory, offering celebrities, business owners and multi-generational wealth inheritors a broad array of services coupled with the highest levels of client and strategy implementation.

Our firm uses an innovative investment approach to offer you more than just traditional financial management. If you are looking to achieve your vision, destiny and legacy, we believe the best strategy is one which coordinates multiple short and long-term goals that support the way you live your life. We consider your various objectives such as: major purchases, marital sensitivities parental and family support needs, education commitments, health and wellness, philanthropic aspirations, career redirection and retirement in our goals-based life and wealth planning experience.

We have developed highly-specialized expertise on the needs and circumstances that surround this unique group of high-net-worth individuals. Our goals-based approach is designed to change the game plan by helping high net worth companies, non-profit foundations, celebrities and families maximize and protect their wealth, often created during short but lucrative careers. While we never want to think about our last play on the field or the last performance, we help you plan for it. We help our clients transition their life and wealth by moving from the pinnacle of success to sustainable, long-term significance.

We offer:

  • Integrated Wealth Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Oversight of Fiduciary Services
  • Risk Management and Asset Protection
  • Administrative Services
  • Lifestyle Services
  • Assistance with Strategic Philanthropy
  • Family Continuity and Governance
  • Multi-generational Education